2016 IP Security Academy Seminars



The Security Industry Association and Security and Public Safety leaders are hosting educational seminars.

Join us if you want to learn about the network-centric security revolution, and how it relates to “BYOD”, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the “Internet of things”.

Join us if you want to better understand “Big Data” management and business intelligence.

Join us if you want to hear the about the differences between proprietary and open standards, defacto standards and common methodologies, and the latest developments on standards from the Security Industry Association.

Join us to understand why network camera technology must conform to standards, and how a security system is built from the capture to the advanced analysis of the video.

Join us if you want the freedom to choose best of breed components for your specific needs and be assured that they will work together. Leading security and public safety experts will show you the “interoperability made easy” approach that standards-based, “open API” compliance provides.